Golf auf Teneriffa
Golf auf Teneriffa

To play golf in the Canary Islands is a unique experience. The smooth climate throughout the year with almost no rain, as well as the picturesque landscape and the spectacular views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, elevate this group of islands to an optimal destination for golf – far from cold winters and excessively hot summers – with an annual average temperature oscillating between 72° – 82° F.

Tenerife is an ideal destination to play golf. On the island there are 9 excellent golf courses, everyone is individual and embedded in very different landscapes. The courses are designed by Pepe Gancedo, Donald Steel, Severiano Ballesteros or John Jacobs. Annually there are important PGA tournaments in Tenerife.

On the neighbour island La Gomera, you have also the possibility to play at an interesting golf course. The mild climate of Tenerife with a yearly temperature of 23 degrees on average makes that playing golf on Tenerife all year round is an experience – far away from cold winters and the summer heat of the European continent.

A particularly attractive characteristic of Tenerife as island of golf, is the volcanic landscape, which forms a marvellous contrast to the green of the golf courses; e.g. by the plant by shelters with black volcanic and surround by native vegetation. There are golf courses in the north and in the south of the island, the first-class hotels with best service is in the proximity – the distances on the island are short.

Following ones are listed some golf courses on Tenerife. Click on the right side on the left around short descriptions to receive.

Here are some golf courses listed on Tenerife. Click on the link below for a brief description.