Abama Golf
Abama Golf

Abama golf is part of the luxury complex Abama Gran hotel, golf Resort & Spa, which in the southwest Tenerifes is convenient. The Abama Gran hotel, golf Resort & Spa consists 5 stars of a Deluxe hotel, Spa, congress center as well as a tennis club. The golf course has a club house, an exercise area with three holes and a golf school. On the entire area of the golf course there are 22 lakes, shelters with white sand and more than 90,000 palms, trees and further plant types, with tropical garden charme.

Abama golf, a 18-hole-course,  Par 72, on which also championships can be played, has further 9 holes, so that the entire number of holes amounts to 27. The place was sketched and arranged by the well-known golf legend, Dave Thomas (San Roque golf club, The Belfry, etc.),:

As special attraction the place was sketched in such a way that by each hole a mad view is ordered to the golf players on the Atlantic and the island La Gomera: A dream for each golf player!

In the coastal place Abama, in the south of Tenerife, expects you a completely new vacation experience. On a surface of alltogether 160 hectares unusual and varied leisure and recovery possibilities are offered. In a completely special and styleful hotel, which ranks among the most exclusive accommodations of the world, experience during your stay only the most beautiful sides of the life. In the midst of a subtropical plant world an impressing citadel built in the Arab style decorates the holidays complex sketched by the famous architect Melvin Villaroel. With 375 rooms and Suites equipped main building is directly in front of the Atlantic ocean. Embedded between numerous lakes and waterfalls 152 magnificent mansions are inside the plant, in which highest comfort and service expect the guests. A celebration of the senses. The gastronomic offer in Abama exceeds even expectations of the requirement-fullest gourmet. A multiplicity of singular tastes and flavours as well as an abundance of maritime sense joys invite you to a culinary journey by the international kitchen and lend to the term “recovery” a completely new meaning. To the best numerous topic restaurants the “El Mirador” lain on the steep coast belongs, which is connected with the hotel private beach by a suspension railway. A further gastronomical experience is the Gourmetrestaurant of the hotel, in with much love for the detail, which unforgettable palate joys are prepared for guests.

At the end you follow the motorway Tenerife TF- 1 the road direction Playa de San Juan and after approximately 9 kilometers meet you after the golf course.

Director of Golf: Carlos Avilés
Designer: Dave Thomas
Opening: 2005
Handicap Certificate:
Hcp limit Men:28
Hcp limit Woman:36