Municipio-AdejeAutonomous region: Canary Islands
Province: Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Island: Tenerife
Area: 105.94 km²
Population: 33.722 (2005)
Population density: 318.3/km²
Atlantic Ocean m
280 m
about 3,300 m Teide (north)
Location: 28.15/28°9′ N lat.
16.7/16°42′ W long.

adeje2Adeje is a municipality in the southwestern part of the island of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, and part of the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Adeje is also a growing suburb of Tenerife Sur of South Tenerife and is the westernmost. It is located about 90 km SW of the island’s capital, NW of Los Cristianos and Las Américas of Arona and about 10 km NW of Reina Sofia

Adeje is linked with and is the westernmost of uncardinaled terminus TF1 superhighway at about the 100th km (and is the second westernmost superhighway terminus in Africa after the Madeira Islands) which first opened within the beginning of the 2000s and a highway to the northern part of the island. Farmlands are in the valley areas while forests and grasslands are situated within mount Teide.

Its economy is based on business, tourism and agriculture (until the 1990s agriculture was the dominant industry).